190 Strand

August 25th 1819


The Memorial of Henry DANIEL respectfully states

            That having been brought up in the knowledge and exercise of agricultural pursuits, and being possessed of a Capital which however inadequate to the maintenance and support of a Wife and Family under his present circumstances he doubts not might be [made] subservient to that end, and would [prove] amply sufficient for the purpose, under the direction of the skill and industry [he?] would have it in his power to apply to [it]upon the proposed Settlement at the Cape of Good Hope, your Memorialist is ardently solicitous to obtain, with that view, your Lordship’s permission to be added to the Party of his Friends Messrs. BROWN & STUBBS, who are desirous to admit him [to] the participation of an integral share in the undertaking, in which he understands them to be already engaged.

            That being provided with the requisite number of individuals of honest and industrious habits as well as with the sums of money necessary to be invested on their behalf, that being well acquainted with the best authenticated accounts of the District proposed for the new Settlement, and confident therefrom, that it is capable of being rendered a source of prosperity to individuals in the Colony and to the Mother Country, objects which it would be his constant endeavour to study and to promote, and [obscured] that being sure he has it in his power to offer to your Lordships the strongest recommendations in his favour from [gentlemen?] of the very highest respectability, and when the proper time shall arrive to [obscured] the several facts here stated app[ear to?] Your Lordships’ satisfaction Your Memorialist is most anxious to secure on conditions a timely and favourable reply to this earnest and humble application.

Trusting therefore that under all circumstances of his case your Lordships will see sufficient reasons to grant the petition of his memorial in allowing him to be added as a principal to the Party of his Friends, Messrs. BROWN & STUBBS 

Your Memorialist begs most respectfully to subscribe himself

Your Lordships’ Most obedient and Most humble svt.




BROWN & STUBBS re Henry DANIEL (Filed under D)



No. 190 Strand


27 August 1819

The humble Memorial of John BROWN and John STUBBS respectfully states

                        That since they had the honour of submitting their former memorial to Your Lordship’s consideration an Application has been made to them by an intimate Friend Mr. Henry DANIEL to join them at the proposed settlement at the Cape of Good Hope, himself as a Partner and nine individuals as labourers.

                        That deeply impressed with the conviction that their individual success and the general Prosperity of the Settlement may be greatly promoted by an increase of their Commercial Strength and disposable Capital having also every Confidence in Mr. DANIEL’s Integrity they humbly request that upon his fulfilling the conditions under which assistance is granted them that he may obtain your Lordship’s approbation [to] be allowed with his followers to strengthen [those] of your Lordship’s Memorialists, who beg to Subscribe themselves My Lord,

Your Lordship’s most obedt. & Humble [Servants]






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