DREW, John



20 Horseferry Road


July 22nd 1819

My Lord,

            I understand it is the intention of His Majesty’s Government to send out to the Cape such Farmers, Manufacturers &c &c as are desirous of emigrating but have not the means of transporting themselves & families. I presume in forming a colony opportunities might offer of confering offices of trust in Men who have been liberally educated, & whose talents, family & character are respectable, but who from the unavoidable pressure of the times or misfortunes in business are without means of present support; such my Lord is the situation of the Man who now presumes to address you & that the recommendations I have enumerated in reality attach to me, I beg to refer your Lordship to the Hon.Admiral GARDNER & his lady, Chelsea, Mr. OSBALDSTONE MP, Mr. W.SMITH MP, the Rev. Henry BILE, Holme, near Downham, Norfolk, or Mr. TOWNSHEND, Horseferry Road, Westminster. I have managed a very large farm in Norfolk & I can prove to your Lordship’s entire satisfaction that it was considered second to none (in point of cultivation) in that highly distinguished county. The testimonials I am enabled to produce will convince your Lordship that I am perfectly master of the three great branches of Agriculture; Farming, Breeding & Grazing, as well as Planting & Drainage & that I am competent to the management of any Estates, whatever their [obscured] or variety of soils – but my Lord if no situation of [this] description presents itself I should be highly grateful & thankful to your Lordship for any office at the Cape or elsewhere which would afford me the [means] of support, no matter how arduous the exertion [obscured] would entitle me to it, for my Lord I have been [obscured] habits of most active industry, though liberally [obscured]. I beg further to state to your Lordship that in times of difficulty & danger my Father, two Brothers and myself served several years in the Norfolk [Household?] Cavalry under Major HARE, a sufficient proof I trust of our devotedness to His Majesty’s Person & Government.

            I rely confidently on your Lordship’s kindness & benevolence for my excuse in thus trespassing on your Lordship’s valuable time. I have the honour to subscribe myself

Your Lordship’s most obed’t humble servant




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