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16th January 2018: General update today with all the updates received up to the evening of 15th January.

13th December 2017:  General update with all updates up to the 12th December - added about 200 more death notices.

14th November 2017: General update today with all the updates received up to the evening of 13th November.

5th November 2017: General update today with all the updates received up to the evening of 4th November.

21st October 2017:  Ok, so no one responded to my 'new feature' link which I added in the 1st October update!  Shame.  This update includes all updates received up to this morning, and I just noticed under the Statistics page that the Individual's count has exceeded 150,000 with this upload, which is 144,000 more than what I stated the website with 14 years ago - Ten thousand additions a year!.  Wow.  I am still working on some enhancements.

1st October 2017: General update with all the new information received up to 30th September.  I have picked up an internal database anomaly which is not affecting the operation of the website, or any of the data, and will be working to see if I can resolve that 'funny', which is to do with generating some reports that may be of interest to users.  I am also working on a new feature for the website, and if you have read this note, please email me on, and I may give you a link to the feature for your comment.  Thanks.

18th September 2017:  This interim update includes all the updates received up yo the 16th, except for a big Torr file which will be my next major challenge, other than continuing with the 1920 Settler returns.  I have added a new 'Flag' for the individuals, indicating whether they have 1820 Settler lineage or not.  Anyone who is a direct descendant of a settler will have this set to Yes.  If I have missed any out of the 150,000 individuals, and you can prove that their flag should be set to Yes, please let me know.  Thanks.

3rd September 2017: Interim update which includes all the updates and additions submitted to date.  Over 100 new Death Notices linked to individuals just in this refresh.

13th August 2017:Big update with lots of Pike data, and more info that I have found on the 1920 centenary returns on various families resulting in finding some of those elusive 'Missing' settlers.  Too many families to list here.  All updates and changes received up to early this morning are included.

30th July 2017:Another update with all submitted changes etc, up to midday today.  I have got to the end of the first film of Settler returns, into the 'D's - now to tackle the rest!

12th July 2017: An interim update with all submitted changes and additions up to this morning, and about 1500  changes and additions due to information found in the A and B sections of the 1820 Settlers Centenary Genealogy returns.  Fantastic mine of information!

26th June 2017:I have updated the website with all the submitted changes up to this morning, and have also been going through the 1820 Settler's Centenary Genealogy returns and after a week have managed to get through the names starting with A and half way through those names starting with B.  Fascinating amount of information there, and have cleared up 2 missing Settlers with evidence found.  Big job to complete those files!  I have also added a new menu link under the Miscellany - Free Software - which is a link to free downloadable items.

7th June 2017:All changes and updates received up to 6th June have been incorporated, as well as additions to the Mundell, Cadle, Fitchet, Arnot, Wayland and Nussey families.

27th May 2017: All Changes and updates received to 26th May are included in this update, including updates and additions to the following major families:
Simpson, Usher, Walsh, Wallis, Wheeldon, Venables, Lloyd, Francis, Nussey, Fitchet and Mundell.  I still have more Mundells to add!

14th May 2017: Updated the base TNG software from version 11.0.2 to version 11.1.1.

13th May 2017 : All changes and additions received up to 12th May are included in this refresh, as well as a fair amount of new research into the Ochse, Dry, Watkins, Fincham, Field, Francis, Turvey, Barry and Norton families.  Resolved an interesting mixup between the two William Hollings Norton familes!

1st May 2017 : Includes most changes received up to 30th April, as I have just spotted a few that I did not include!  However, lots of updates to Bean, Elliott, Whittle, Poultney, Cairncross, Debnam/Dednam, Rowles, Attwell, Butler, Pullen and associated families.

12th April 2017: This refresh of the data includes all change requests sent to me up to the 10th April, and quite a lot more on various settler families, including Biggs, Glass, Horn, Tharratt and Trollip.  I am slowly adding the TEE descendants, and have OCHSE, DRY, WATKINS and FINCHAM descendant families in the queue to be added.  As we are finding more Death Notices available on familysearch, we have been able to enhance and correct some of the early settler information that I had.  I have also tidied up the menu structures on the left, removing some redundant items and adding new ones.

11th March 2017: Interim update to fix missing photos, and also includes all updates received to 10th March.  I have also added a lot more on the Reynolds and Surmon families.

28th February 2017:  All updates received to date have been included, plus a lot of Reynolds and other 'missing' settlers trees been found and built: Wallace, Anson, Scannell, Stanley, Younger, Gibson, Trower, etc.  

12th February 2017: Updates to 11th January are included in this refresh, and include data for Chase, Donovan, Hare, Hyman, Lake and Scott families amongst others.  Good news is that the notes bug reported last time has been tracked down and fixed, so we should now get the complete set of notes at last!

31st January 2017: Updates to 30th January are included, plus more 1820 Settler records that I have found - we have managed to find 101 'missing' settlers since 22nd November 2016.  I have also added a lot of downloadable PDF files in the Documents sections.  Some of these are quite large, so be patient!
We have unearthed a 'bug' in the system which has affected some of the notes not displaying, and we are hoping for a quick resolution to this little issue.

22nd January 2017: More 1820 settler families found and/or updated and include: Oertel, Whitehead, Gibbon. Goodwin, Hudson, Cross, Parrymore, Grunwell, Cullis, Guest, Haw, Hayes, Hewson, Hiles and Billson.All submitted updates to 20th January are included as well.

11th January 2017: Additions of 1820 Settlers and other families include: Edkins, Fell, Fryer, Neave, Garisch, Hairbottle, Duxbury, Garcia, Gaugain, Huddlestone, Synott, Houston and Trappes. Others include Rielly, Reid, Kinna, O'Connor, Ringer and Kelly.  All updates received to 9th January have been included in this update.

29th December 2016:  Last update for this year!  I have included all the updates and submissions up to the eve of 28th December in this refresh, and still haven't verified the Kolbe Goldsmith and Lester info!  I have spent a lot of time trying to track down missing settlers, and finding Death Notices which have lead me to make certain corrections to family trees previously submitted.  I have also cleared up a lot of 'duplicate' families that I had in the tree.

6th December 2016:  All submitted updates to 5th December have been included, with a couple still to be verified( Goldsmiths and Lesters), and I have received a lot of Kolbe info to process.  In the hunt for missing Settler genealogies, the following genealogies have been updated:Mark Elliott, John Vaughan, Elliotts, Samuel Rudman, Samuel Scrooby, Arthur Barker, James Souness, Francis Nibbs, Robert Jackson, James Addams, George Cooper, Thomas Norton, Thomas Randall, George and William Ubsdell and Robert Horne.

20th November 2016: All updates received to last night have been included, plus the addition of 1820 Settler families that I have been tracking down, which include Denham, Begley, Bagot, Archer, Ralph, Addey, Rayner and Annandale and possibly a few others.

31st October 2016: All updates and additions received by yesterday, 30th October have been included in this refresh of the data.  I have been trying to chase down the 1820 settler head of families and build on their trees in an attempt to get all of them covered.  

21st September 2016: Upgraded the TNG software to the latest 11.0.2 version.  If you find anything that does not function correctly, please email me so I can investigate and fix!  Many thanks.

20th September 2016: All updates received by 19th September included.  About 100 Death Notice Images, etc, found and linked to the correct individuals in the database, and a double check of the Settler names done, where I have found more trees and info on the original settlers, and in particular those who were in Bailie's party.  I have also added more of my transcriptions to the databases of Eastern Cape BMDs.  Next task is to update the base software to the latest release!

5th September 2016: All updates received by 4th September have been included in this refresh, plus corrections to Goldsmith, Nelson and some other Settler genealogies.  
I have this last month started tracking down Eastern Cape  Baptisms, Marriages and Burials of the early settlers to verify the data that I have, and have created three new record sets under the Transcriptions section.  I will be adding to these as I go forward.  I am trying to just transcribe those records that have not already been indexed on Family Search.

2nd August 2016:  General updates and corrections to data found in error since last update, and I have included all the updates submitted up to 1st August.

3rd July 2016:  It seems like the June update to this page has got lost!  However, since May there have been a couple of updates, and today's one includes about 4000 new individuals who are descended from or are related to the Berry, Bowles, Cockcroft, Venables, Leech and Jennings settlers, and their links with South African Zimmerman, Bloemhof and other families. All other family updates up to 1st of July have also been included.  Delays in getting this update published were caused by memory allocations on the webserver, distractions of cricket, tennis, referendums and the weather!

5th May 2016: general update to various genealogies with all the updates I have received up to and including 4th May.

1st April 2016:  No, this is not an April Fool - I have just updated the databases with all the updates and worksheets received up to this morning.  I am still working through documentation received on the Calverley settlers, and some new Kew information.  I have also acquired a couple more books on the 1820 Settlers, and will slowly be updating the relevant families in due course.  A new release of the TNG software was released last month, and once others have got over the teething troubles, I will plan on updating the main website with that software.  

9th March 2016:general update which includes all worksheets and emails received by 8th March, and updates to Webb, Winter, Miners, Jobson, Kidson and related settler families.

18th February 2016:General updates to Kew, Schooling, Thomas, Ashburner and related families with new information found. Added approximately 20,000 more Cape Civil Death transcription records done by Ellen Stanton to the database.  I am working on a new display script for these, to make it easier to search by name.

5th February 2016: Updates include a lot on the Lee, Webb, Cholwich, Kew, Short and Devenish families, and includes most updates submitted by the 4th Feb.  Still trying to find who James Kew's parents were, as we suspect he is descended from the 1820 settlers, but where does he link in?

26th January 2016: Update with approximately 100 new media items (baptism, death, marriage certificates and general photos) and updates to quite a few of the settler families.  All forms and updates received by 25th January have been included in this update, except for a Webb and Lee family gedcom which has been submitted, and a Bowker document I still have to compare.

12th January 2016: As Murphy's law would have it, as soon as you fix one set of errors, another set appears!  The update from the 10th had a minor glitch in that it did not show any baptism, migration, residence, etc events, or the related media.  Hopefully now fixed, and a few more additions to the Webb descendants, particularly the Batchelor branch of Bertha Webb.

10th January 2016: I found a few issues with the last update on the 4th, and hopefully have resolved them before they were pointed out to me!  I have also included a lot of new information on the descendants of James Kent, thanks to Colin Levey, and updates to a few other families - Kirk, Parker, Gafney and Gravett.  I have also loaded a lot more thumbnail pictures which will show up on the top of an individual's page, where I have them.  I still have more to go..

4th January 2016: General updates to family data based on the updates and gedcoms submitted to me.  They include Pullen, Norton, Parker family names.  Further additions to the Reference Book lists, thanks to those who have submitted the info.  I am re-visiting my transcription lists of Baptisms, Marriages, and Cape Civil Deaths to add a clickable link to the start of the images for that town on FamilySearch, to make it easier to use.

19th December 2015: Upgraded the Family Group Worksheet software to the latest release, which incorporates a submission check, to prevent spammers.

11th December 2015: I have had a lot of new data and corrections during the past week, that I thought I would do another refresh of all the data.  A lot more Reference Books added to the Media tables bringing the total up to 62, and I have just received a list of another 10 to add in the next few days. Updates to the Harvey, Sterley and Hutton families received in the last week are included in this refresh.

4th December 2015: I have actually done a few updates since the June 18th one, but they have only been data changes.  I had a hosting server memory problem, which meant that I had to do quite a lot of manual database updates, and just didn't find the time to do everything.  Now we have solved the computer issues, I am back to the automated methods, and I can do 'refreshes' much quicker.  This one went quite smoothly for a change.
I have hopefully updated all the submitted emails and worksheet data that I had received up till this morning.  One or two worksheets came through blank, and I will now look to testing the next version of that script before implementing it.  The developers seem to have added quite a few new features to it.
I have added a new Media Section - Reference Books, where I will try and compile a list of 1820 Settler type books that users, researchers and I have found useful, and may have on our bookshelves.  If you have some that I do not know about, please let me know Title, Author, ISBN, etc, and if possible a scan of the front of the dust jacket or the frontis page.
Oh, and have a Happy Christmas and New Year!

18th June 2015: Big update of information on Thompson, Southey, Bowker, Greathead and Halse families amongst others.  I also added a new item in the Settler info section , plotting the original Settler land allocations on Google maps.  Genealogy Website links is now active, and if you have any more for me, please let me know.  I have more of Ellen Stanton's transcriptions to process, and I will add them very soon - marriages in the Cape.

11th May 2015:
First update since the new back end software and it appears to have gone alright!  I think I have updated all the submissions sent to me up to the 10th May and I have added a lot more Dugmores, Bilsons, and a few others who popped their heads above the parapet.  I have tidied up the website links and will be re-implementing that sometime soon.

9th April 2015: OK, the website software, TNG, has now been upgraded to version 10.1.1 without any untoward hitches.  It was mainly an internals upgrade changing the method of getting the data out of the database.  This should not have had any effect on what you, the user see.

3rd April 2015: Easter Friday weekend.  Done a refresh of all the data submitted up to last night, and research that I have done.  Found some more Bowker and Cumming documents on FamilySearch that I have now included in this update.  Still haven't done the website software upgrade!

6th March 2015: I had to do a general update and reorganisation of the data on the website to get it synchronised with my desktop pc in preparation to the website software update, and have added a few modifications to some of the code.  In this update there have been quite a few data changes to Bowkers, Staples, Torrs and some of the Randalls.  I may do an interim update later this month, prior up the major website internals change.

5th February 2015: General update to the data that I have acquired over the last month, and have updated the Sterley settlers mainly on the male lines.  If anyone has info on the female lines I would be grateful to have a copy to complete this tribe.  Currently having a fresh look at the Randall and Torr families as a result of queries submitted to me.  A new version of the website software has been released, and I will be testing that over the next month or so - it shouldn't make any difference to what you see, as it is mainly internal updates.
4th January 2015 : Major change this past two months has been to my desktop application, Family Historian, where I upgraded from ver 5 to ver 6, and have spent a lot of time verifying that the upgrade would not affect my ability to update this website.  Most things have gone ok.  Updates to places has been the biggest internal change, and I have noticed that Google Maps sometimes shows errors in locating a place.  Other things I have noticed is to people who have been dead for 150 years or so, are being shown as living, and therefore not showing some of their data.  I am trying to resolve this.  I hope I haven't got the converse, where a living person's data is being shown!  Not found this yet.  All updates sent to me by this date are included in this refresh.  I have also finally managed to get Documents linked to a person, to be able to be read within the application.

6th November 2014: Norton's, Dicks, Wainwright and a few other Settler trees updated with new info.  I have also done some extra coding, and updated the 1820 Settler Names sections in the Settler Info menu block.  I have created a link from this sub database to the 1820 Settler Genealogies database in the Settler data page, which adds an extra 'clickable' field if there is a Genealogy, and will 'jump' right to the genealogy. Now over 1850 links!

13th October 2014: Completed the Allwright, Eva and Watson files, and currently half way through a major Norton update.  All updates mailed to me or via the Family Group Sheets as at 5pm today have been included in this refresh, with updates to Halse, Webb, Hobson and Robinson families.  Registered users has topped the 500 mark, and the website in now averaging over 60 'hits' by researchers per day!  

30th August 2014:  Hopefully I have included all the updates submitted since mid July to today, and I have been working on the family trees of the Allwright and Eva settlers bringing them up to date from Darryl Allwright's records.  Should be able to complete this task within the next month!

19th July 2014: Various corrections submitted over the past 6 weeks, plus a lot of additions to the White, Webber and Cockcroft families. A new Miscellany item - Cape Marriage transcriptions was added to the menu system, linking to all the Marriage transcriptions currently being done by Ellen Stanton.

6th June 2014: This update includes a whole lot more media ( headstones, people) which I collected in South Africa, and a lot of updates to the Robinson descendants by John Powell, Shuman families by Elmarie, and others.  Still plenty to verify and post - Allwrights, Bowkers, Whites and a stack of photos to add to the Gallery!

28th May 2014: Just back from a 3 week holiday tour to South Africa (Estcourt, Grahamstown, Somerset East) and now starting to catch up with all the emails and updates awaiting me!  Took lots of photos, and picked up a lot more info on Settler families, which is going to keep me busy for a few months!

1st May 2014: Updates with corrections, and more photos and death certificates added.

22nd April 2014: update with a lot of corrections, sources for media, etc.  New edition of the Family Group Worksheet installed.

8th April 2014 : This update and import of a new gedcom has added approximately 2,000 more individuals, as well as links to the Media.  I have added a lot more photos, scans of birth, baptism, marriage and death notices, and these are linked to the relevant person, as well as being searhcable from the Media drop-down menu on the 'Home' bar on the top of the frame.

16th November 2013 : I have added over 170 new images to the site.  If you find any that are 'mis-labelled' or against the wrong person, please let me know.  Thanks

11th June 2013 : Guestbook error reported and now fixed!  You should be able to sign the guest book for me now.  Thanks

9th February 2013
Database of Baptism records created - 
Grahamstown Methodist records imported
East London Methodist records imported

Compilation of 1820 Settler Letters section.
10th February 2013 : Settler letters up to Hewson completed and uploaded.
14th February 2013 : Letters beginning with 'H' and 'I' completed.
17th February 2013 : Letters beginning with 'J' and 'K' completed.
18th February 2013 : Letters beginning with 'L' completed.
21st February 2013 : Letters beginning with M' completed.
24th February 2013 : Letters beginning with 'N', 'O' and 'P' completed.
2nd March 2013: Letters beginning with 'Q' and 'R' completed
3rd March 2013 : Letters beginning with 'S' and 'T' completed
10th March : Letters beginning with 'U', 'V' and 'W' completed. - that's the lot!

New Section added under Miscellany on 28th March - Cape Civil death Indices.
Started adding transcribed indices of the Cape Civil Death records held by The Church of the Latter Day Saints,
This will be an ongoing project as there are over 2 million images that can be viewed at
10 June 2013 : Over 40,000 image indices have now been added to the searchable database.
27th October 2013: Further 8000 image indices added.

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THIS VERSION MADE LIVE ON 10th MARCH 2013 after the previous versions under php-nuke were 'hacked'.
The previous version I launched in December 2003, and it had received over 47 million page hits up to January 2013.  I have improved security in the current version, so hopefully the site should survive a bit better.

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